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All terms contain "双溪": Towns Shuangxi, Shaanxi, in Chenggu County Shuangxi, Ningde, in Pingnan County, Fujian Shuangxi, Hongjiang, Hunan Shuangxi, Jingan County, Jiangxi Townships Shuangxi Township, Shehong County, Sichuan Shuangxi Township, J ...


Fateme Mohammadi Maklavani

Fateme Mohammadi Maklavani is an Iranian graphic designer, art director, user interface designer and visual artist. She graduated with a masters degree in visual communications from Alzahra Universitys Art Faculty in visual communications. She ha ...


Peach Flower Village

Peach Flower Village, also known as Flower Field Mistakes, is a Chinese opera comedy. It is a spin-off of a story in Chapter 5 of the novel Water Margin, and involves a few Water Margin heroes like Zhou Tong and Lu Zhishen.


Symbol (disambiguation)

Debug symbol, debugging information used to troubleshoot computer programs, analyze memory dumps Symbol computing, a data structure used by a language translator Symbol programming, a primitive data type in many programming languages used to name ...


Civil Script

The Civil Script or, colloquially, the Russian Cyrillic, is a modification of the Cyrillic script introduced by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great in the period from 1708 to 1710 the appearance of Russian books in Western European books of that tim ...


Celestial Chorus Tradition Book

Celestial Chorus Tradition Book is the fifth in the Tradition Book series, and is presented as extracts from the latest edition of the fictional The Book of Ages, the central codex of the Chorus throughout its millennia of existence.


4th Marine Regiment (Sweden)

4th Marine Regiment was an amphibian regiment of the Swedish Amphibious Corps based in Gothenburg. Raised from Alvsborg Coastal Artillery Regiment in 2000 when the Swedish Amphibious Corps was formed, the 4th Marine Regiment only operated for fou ...


Millennium Clock, Dublin

The Millennium Clock was a six-ton installation designed by Grainne Hassett and Vincent Ducatez to celebrate the passing of the millennium, sponsored by the National Lottery. It took the form of a digital seven-segment display counting down the n ...


Fox Studios

Fox Studios may refer to one of several related companies: Fox Studios Australia, a film studio and studio location of 20th Century Fox transferred to the Walt Disney Company but that still retains the "Fox" name Fox Film, the movie studio from 1 ...


The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity

The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity is a 2020 non-fiction book by the Australian philosopher Toby Ord, of the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford. It argues that safeguarding humanitys future is among the most important ...



LTM may refer to: Local Traffic Manager, a web networking term synonymous with the term "load balancer" Long-term memory, memory that can be stored as little as a few days or as long as decades Logical Technology Model, term used in solution arch ...


Charles Latham (photographer)

Charles Latham was staff photographer of the magazine Country Life in the early years of the 20th Century. He is noted for his photographs of country houses and gardens, mostly in Britain and Italy.


Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee Bridge may refer to: Jubilee Bridge Innisfail, in Innisfail, Queensland, Australia Jubilee Bridge, Singapore, in Singapore, built and completed in 2015 Jubilee Bridge Stockton-on-Tees, in the United Kingdom Story Bridge in Brisbane, Austr ...



Observance may refer to: United States observance Awareness day, a date usually set by a major organisation or government to commemorate a public health or ethical cause of importance on a national or international level Anniversary, the date on ...


Holy day

Holy day refers to a religious commemorative day or festival, see: Holy day of obligation, in Catholicism, days on which the faithful are expected to attend Mass Liturgical year, determines when feast days, including celebrations of saints, are t ...



Devotional may refer to: Devotional song, a hymn which accompanies religious observances and rituals Daily devotional, publications which provide a specific spiritual reading for each calendar day Devotional video, of Depeche Mode tour Devotional ...



WWD may refer to: World Water Day, an annual observance day about freshwater World Wetlands Day, an annual observance day about wetlands Woolwich Dockyard railway station, in London Cape May Airport, in New Jersey, United States Walking with Dino ...


PSL–PVL merger

The PSL–PVL merger is the proposed merger of the Philippines top-flight womens volleyball leagues. The Philippine Super Liga and the Premier Volleyball League. The scheduling of both leagues has hampered the program of the Philippines national te ...



Duration may refer to: Duration philosophy – a theory of time and consciousness first proposed by Henri Bergson Bond duration – the weighted average time until the various cash flows from a bond are received The amount of elapsed time between two ...


Question (disambiguation)

A question may be either a linguistic expression used to make a request for information, or the request itself. Question s, The Question s or A Question may also refer to:


Fat mens club

Fat mens clubs were a type of social club that peaked in popularity from the late 19th to early 20th centuries, primarily in the United States. Membership was typically limited to men weighing over 200 lbs, and members were generally quite wealth ...



Jada given name, a feminine given name derived from Jade, with a list of people so named Jada biblical, a figure in the first Book of Chronicles of the Old Testament



PKF may refer to: Paul Karl Feyerabend 1924–1994, Austrian-American philosopher PKF, IATA code for Park Falls Municipal Airport, Park Falls, Wisconsin, US Pakistan Korfball Federation Panamerican Karate Federation, governing body of karate in the ...


Revolution (Coldrain song)

Revolution is a song by Japanese rock band Coldrain. It is the lead single for their sixth studio album The Side Effects, produced by Michael Baskette, written by Masato Hayakawa and was released on 12 December 2018. This is, to date, the only si ...



Natures Sunshine Products, US health supplement manufacturer Network of Spiritual Progressives, US political movement New Sarum Police, former name for the Salisbury City Police in the 1830s Nevada State Prison Afghan National Solidarity Programm ...


Utopia (disambiguation)

Utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. Utopia or UTOPIA may also refer to:



Nazar TV series a 2018 Indian television series Nazar 1991 film, a Bollywood film directed by Mani Kaul Nazar 2005 film, a Bollywood film starring Meera and Ashmit Patel Nazar the Brave, a 1940 Soviet comedy film directed by Amasi Martirosyan


Great Buddha

Spring Temple Buddha, Lushan County, Henan Tian Tan Buddha, or "Big Buddha", Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Leshan Giant Buddha in Leshan, Sichuan Grand Buddha at Ling Shan, in Wuxi, Jiangsu Rongxian Giant Buddha in Rongxian, Sichuan


Hit and run (disambiguation)

Hit and run usually refers to the act of causing a traffic accident and failing to stop and identify oneself afterwards. Hit and run may also refer to:


Hornets Nest

Charlotte, North Carolina, nicknamed The Hornets Nest and home to the Charlotte Hornets Hornets Nest, Virginia, an unincorporated community in Gloucester County


TCN (disambiguation)

The Comcast Network, a regional sports network owned by Comcast broadcasting in the Eastern United States The Cartoon Network, Inc., a holding company for Cartoon Network brands, owned by WarnerMedia. The Country Network, an American TV channel b ...


Radio Free

The term "Radio Free" is prefixed to several radio stations which were set up by United States Central Intelligence Agency to deliver news to countries strategically important to the foreign relations of the United States. The official stations a ...



Together campaign, by US cities, to help consumers fight climate change Together: Working for Well-being, a UK mental health charity Razem Together, a leftist political party in Poland Ensemble! Together!, a left-wing political party in France To ...


Twins (disambiguation)

The Twins 1979 TV series, a Hong Kong television series Twins TV series, a 2005 American sitcom


Emmy (disambiguation)

The Emmy Award recognizes excellence in television. Emmy or Emmie may also refer to: Emmy film, a 1934 Hungarian comedy Emmy Albanian singer 1989–2011 Emmy given name or Emmie, a given name and list of people with the name Hurricane Emmy, a tropi ...


ALS (disambiguation)

ALS is short for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a chronic and fatal form of motor neuron disease; also known as Lou Gehrigs disease. ALS or Als may also mean:



C. E. Lum, American politician Lum, a Chinese Hakka surname 蓝 Olivia Lum, founder of Singapore-based water treatment systems company Hyflux Agnes Lum, a Chinese-Hawaiian bikini supermodel from the 1970s Lao Lum, an ethnic group of Laos Lum Harri ...


Bang Bang

Abdul Razzaq cricketer born 1979, nicknamed Bang Razzaq Bang-Bang Club, four photographers active in South Africa during the Apartheid period Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy born 1985, a celebrity tattoo artist Bang Dubliner 1906–1981, eccentric elderl ...



Çınar, Diyarbakır, a district of Diyarbakır Province, Turkey Çınar, Akyurt, a neighborhood of the district of Akyurt, Ankara Province, Turkey


Fairy tale (disambiguation)

Fairy Tale game, a card game A Fairy Tale video game, a 2009 puzzle video game created by Reflexive Entertainment The Faery Tale Adventure, a 1987 adventure video game


Concert (disambiguation)

The Concert 1921 film, a lost 1921 silent comedy film The Concert 1961 film, an Australian film The Concert 1931 film, a 1931 German comedy film Le Concert, a 2009 film directed by Radu Mihaileanu



J8, J08, J 8 or J-8 may refer to: Malaysia Federal Route J8, a major road in Johor, Malaysia Johnson solid J8, the elongated square pyramid S/2003 J 8, a former name for Hegemone, a natural satellite of Jupiter Shenyang J-8, a high-speed, high-al ...


Star of the Sea (disambiguation)

Star of the Sea is an old name of Polaris in its role as the north star, and as Our Lady, Star of the Sea applied to Mary in Roman Catholic Marian veneration. "Star of the Sea" may also refer to:



Two+Two unreleased film, an unreleased Pakistani action comedy film Two & Two 2011 film, a 2011 Iranian short film 2+2 2012 film, a 2012 Argentine comedy film



"Amor" Los Autenticos Decadentes song "Amor" Cristian Castro song, a 1996 Latin song Amor Julio Iglesias album Amor Andrea Bocelli album "Amor" 1943 song "Amor" Ricky Martin song


Cain and Abel (disambiguation)

"Kanes and Abels", an episode of the television series Veronica Mars Cain and Abel South Korean TV series, a 2009 South Korean television drama series Cain and Abel Argentine TV series, a 2010 Argentine telenovela Cane and Able House episode Cain ...


Joaquin Ferreira

Joaquin Ferreira is an Argentine actor and model, best known for his role as Potro Romani in the Netflix comedy-drama series, Club de Cuervos.


Amateur (disambiguation)

An amateur is a person who pursues an activity or field of study independently from their source of income. Amateurs or The Amateur or variation, may also refer to:



The Haters 2015 film, an Armenian teen comedy-drama film H8R, an American reality television show on the CW The Haters, also known as professional wrestling alliance the Thomaselli Brothers H8RZ, 2015 American film


Dangerous Game

The Dangerous Game 1933 film, a 1933 Swedish film The Dangerous Game 1942 film, a 1942 Norwegian comedy film Dangerous Games 1974 film, a 1974 Estonian film directed by Veljo Kasper and starring Leonhard Merzin and Juri Jarvet Dangerous Game 1987 ...